Multi-factor authentication with linux

Nowadays two-factor authentication is common, you can use it to log in your GAFA ‘s account (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon), most of the time the double-authentication works with your phone (text sent by the company, apps, whatever on your phone).

Today we are seeing how is possible to log in your favorite OS using a simple USB key, then how to pair it up with your password.

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Wireshark Tips part 2

In my previous post I have spoken about tips with the great wireshark software. Today we will see other tips which make my life easier

Firewall syntax forgotten ?

When you analyze your capture an little option is available. In ‘Tools’ menu, the ‘Firewall ACL Rules’. It could be an easy reminder. There is several syntax, as cisco, Netfiter, Pfsense and even Windows firewall 🙂

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